Video Recording

Video recording allows you and your students to capture information and ideas and share them online. Applications like Kaltura and YouTube provide options for editing and hosting video once you've recorded it.

How can I use video recording in my classes?

Video is a great way to establish personal presence in an online class. Also, students can review videos at any time and as frequently as they need, whether your class meets online or on campus.


Provide students with an in-depth explanation of concepts or topics, or give weekly updates as a course progresses.


Record interviews with experts in the field to give students a real-world perspective of your course topic.


Have students record and share their own videos as part of an individual assignment or group project.


Record feedback on assignments, either for individual students or as an overview for the whole class.

Want to learn more about making videos?

Read up on how to record high-quality video and download our storyboard template on the Audio & Video Recording Best Practices page.

What applications should I use?

The University of Maine System currently supports two video recording and/or hosting applications.


With Kaltura’s My Media tool, you and your students can upload, edit, and share videos. Kaltura is fully integrated with Blackboard and supported by the University of Maine System.

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As part of Google Suite, YouTube is supported by the University of Maine System. You can use it to host your videos, and YouTube provides a few editing options.

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