Quizzes & Polls

Quizzes and polls allow you to gather information from students, whether you're checking their knowledge or allowing them to self-assess their mastery of a topic or provide you with feedback. You can create quizzes and polls using Blackboard's built-in features, Google Forms, and several other applications.

How can I use quizzes and polls in my classes?

Quizzes and polls provide your students with opportunities to give you feedback, interact with course materials, and demonstrate knowledge.


Allow students to check their comprehension of course readings, concepts, and topics.


Assess students’ prior knowledge and gather feedback on their experience in your course.


Have students create their own quizzes, surveys, or polls as part of an assignment.

Class Polling

Poll your students on issues related to topics in your course or its discipline.

What applications should I use?

The University of Maine System currently supports two applications that you can use to create quizzes, polls, and surveys.


Blackboard has tools for creating exams, quizzes, and surveys, including options for randomized pools of questions.

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Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can create surveys, polls, and ungraded quizzes and share them securely via Maine.edu email addresses.

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Kaltura Video Quizzes

Kaltura has a feature that allows you to add multiple-choice questions within a video to create a graded quiz in Blackboard.

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Want to try some other options for quizzes and polls?

You can use these applications to create quizzes and polls if you’d like an option that’s more interactive or visually engaging.

    • Poll Everywhere is interactive polling software that you can embed in a Blackboard content item or announcement. It’s also integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, so you can add live polls to your presentations.
    • Kahoot is a mobile app that you can use to create quizzes. It allows you to upload both images and video with your questions.
    • Quizlet is a web-based application you can use to create flashcard games.
    • ProProfs is a web-based application you can use to create online quizzes.

Be aware that CTEL staff can consult with you on using these applications in your classes, but they aren’t integrated with Blackboard, and the University of Maine system doesn’t support or provide resources for them.