Narrated Presentations

Narrated presentations allow you to record audio or video over slides, images, documents, and other media. Applications like Kaltura and VoiceThread also host narrated presentations online, which makes them easier to share.

How can I use narrated presentations in my classes?

Narrated presentations make it easy for you to organize ideas, illustrate them using images, charts, infographics, and other media, and explain them in detail through audio recording or video. They help you establish presence in your classroom and build connections between your students, whether you meet on campus or online.


Provide an in-depth explanation of concepts or topics, or give weekly updates as your course progresses.


Have students create and share presentations as part of an individual assignment or group project.

What applications should I use?

Two web-based applications for recording and sharing presentations are supported at the University of Southern Maine.


With Kaltura’s CaptureSpace tool, you and your students can record presentations, then share them within Blackboard or on the web. It’s fully integrated with Blackboard and supported by the University of Maine System.

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With VoiceThread, you and your students can create and share presentations through its website or mobile app. You also have the option to add comments to each other’s presentations. CTEL offers limited support for VoiceThread.

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Need to design slides for your presentation?

Everyone in the University of Maine System has free access to both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Also, consider Canva, a free, easy-to-use web application that has many interesting presentation slide templates and graphics. Finally, if you have a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you should already have Keynote, Apple’s slide presentation software, which has many attractive templates and features.

Be aware that if you opt to create your slides in PowerPoint and add audio or video to your presentation, it won’t play within Blackboard, and PowerPoint files don’t always work properly when they’re shared. Instead, you can export your PowerPoint presentation as a video, then upload it to Kaltura and add it to your course. Or, upload your PowerPoint file to VoiceThread, and it will create a version of your presentation that’s viewable online.