Content Management

Content management systems are web-based applications that you can use to create, organize, and publish just about any type of content as a website. WordPress, Scalar, and Google Sites allow you to share your content with students in a highly readable, mobile-friendly, and interactive format.

How can I use a content management system in my classes?

A content management system allows you to create a website or blog for your class outside of Blackboard, so students will be able to access it from mobile devices, and your content will be searchable, more interactive, and easier to read.

Course Website

Host all of your course’s learning materials, assignment instructions, and resources in a website.

Class Blog

Have your students comment on posts you make to a class blog or add posts to the blog themselves.

Wiki or Resource Site

Have students collaboratively curate resources for a public website, virtual catalog, or wiki.

What application should I use?

The University of Maine System currently only provides limited support for one content management system, Google Sites, since it’s part of Google Suite, but CTEL hosts two other options for USM faculty: WordPress and Scalar. Not sure which one you should use? Consult our CMS Options handout [PDF download].


WordPress enables to you create complex websites and blogs.

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With Scalar, you can create a digital textbook, journal, or exhibit catalog.

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Google Sites

Google Sites are a great option for simple course websites or student portfolios.

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