Teaching Live-Online with Zoom

Teaching live online presents its own challenges. Learn more about evidence-based practices that can help you engage learners while working with Zoom and other technologies.


Live-Online Set-up Checklist

As you prepare to teach live online, having a checklist will ensure that you’ve covered all your bases. Includes all steps from sending out the invite to seeing who is present to setting ground rules and expectations.

Tools within Zoom and Beyond

Interested in what tools are available to enhance your live Zoom sessions? Explore some of the tools within Zoom and other platforms that you can add to the mix.

Collaborative Writing

Using Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature to Collaborate and Brainstorm During a Live Zoom Session

Poll (and Discuss)

Think-Pair-Share: Smaller Group Work

Large Group Discussions: Tools to reflect and Share

Instructional Strategies for Group Work in a New Environment

When you can’t physically break your class into smaller work groups, Zoom offers options to keep students engaged.

Here are some instructional strategies that can be used in physically distanced classrooms, in a hybrid model, and online to ensure that all students are engaged.

More on Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms can provide students with opportunities to collaborate and engage with one another.

Getting Started with Breakout Rooms

This Zoom support page has videos and step-by-step instructions on how to get started with breakout rooms. Includes settings for hosts, pre-assigning participants to break out rooms, and management of breakout rooms.

Ideas for Using Breakout Rooms–Less Stress, Better Results

This article gives suggestions for using breakout rooms with ‘less stress and better results’

Backchannel, aka, Creating Opportunities for Informal Student Interactions

Create opportunities for students to engage less formally. Read more here


Faculty often express concern about student engagement during live lecturing in Zoom. When students are remote, it can be challenging to ‘read the room’. This article discusses better questioning strategies to ensure students are engaged. 

Supporting Remote Learners

Faculty play a critical role in supporting remote learners. Here is a worksheet that can tell you how.