Course Delivery Modalities

Our Course Delivery Chart illustrates the "modes" that USM instructors have available for delivering a course and the factors that define each one.


Our Course Delivery Chart illustrates different types of course delivery available to instructors, as well as the various qualities that define each one. Its purpose is to create a shared understanding of what we mean when we refer to a specific modality.

Graphic that shows the different course modalities at USM. A text explanation of this chart is listed below.


Course Delivery Chart Text Alternative

Face-To-Face Courses

MaineStreet designation: P – On-Site Classroom

  • Class meetings are in-person, required, and meet on a regular schedule.

Distance Technology Course

MaineStreet designation: BR / RE – Broadcast / Receive

  • Classes are delivered in dedicated broadcast classrooms, and students have the option to attend in-person or from remote receive sites around the state.
  • Class meetings are required, and they occur on a regular schedule.

Online Synchronous/Web Conference

MaineStreet designation: WS – Web Synchronous

  • Exams can be completed at a place and time of the student’s choosing.
  • Class meetings occur online using web conferencing software from anywhere with internet access.
  • Class meetings are required and follow a regular schedule.

Online Asynchronous

MaineStreet designation: WB – Online

  • Exams can be completed at a place and time of the student’s choosing.
  • No required, scheduled class meetings are held.
  • The course takes place entirely in Blackboard or through other online systems or applications.
  • The course may include optional synchronous meetings that are recorded and posted in Blackboard for on-demand viewing.


MaineStreet designation: BL – Blended

  • Students must complete a proctored exam at a designated university site, and/or the course occasionally has required meetings.
  • 50% of the course must take place via web conference or online.