Brightspace is Here!

What is Brightspace?

Blackboard and Brightspace are both “Learning Management Systems” (LMS). They are tools for teaching courses online, or augmenting face-to-face instruction. In 2019, the University of Maine System started a competitive bidding process for a new LMS. After receiving and vetting a number of bids from LMS companies, and soliciting extensive feedback from the campus community, D2L’s Brightspace LMS was selected.

Read about the process that led us to Brightspace.

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When will Brightspace replace Blackboard?

Fall 2020 will be the first semester all courses run on Brightspace. Blackboard will not be available at that point, but a full backup will be done of all courses and organizations before that time. To stay informed on the latest developments, join the USM Brightspace email list.

Don’t wait until Summer. Your future-self will thank you!

IT is moving courses to Brightspace automatically. That’s the easy part. But there is usually a lot of cleanup that has to be done once a course has been moved over. Instead of spending hours fiddling, fill out the Course Conversion Cleanup Form and let CTEL do the work of getting your converted course fixed up for Fall! After entering your Fall 2020 courses into the form, we’ll contact you to let you know when we’ve started and finished. We’ll look things over using a checklist specifically created for courses that were converted from Blackboard, provide you with a list of the work to be done, and then you can choose between having us do the cleanup, or walk you through doing it yourself. We begin processing requests in the order they were submitted starting in April.

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Training Sign-Up Has Begun!

CTEL will start running Brightspace training sessions May 1st. We currently have 14 sessions scheduled throughout the month with options that we hope will accommodate everyone, including some evening and weekend sessions. The training is a single, 4-hour session with a half-hour break in between. You’ll learn the basics of navigating, creating courses, and grading in Brightspace. All sessions will take place over Zoom and be recorded with the link available afterward.

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Where can I learn more about Brightspace?

Get the Latest

Stay up to date on what’s happening with the Brightspace migration. Anything you need to know will be sent via this email list.

Try it Out

Empty sandbox courses have been created for all faculty to allow you to explore with no risk! Pairs well with the Subscription Training.

Take a Tour

D2L’s Product Tour will give you a quick overview of what Brightspace brings to the table

Online Documentation

Brightspace has extensive online documentation specifically designed for instructors.

Read the Manual

Brightspace has a complete, printable manual for instructors available for download.

Brightspace Community

Join D2L’s Brightspace Community to talk to colleagues from other institutions about brightspace, and get help.

What about Training?

CTEL Brightspace Training

CTEL will begin training groups of faculty over Zoom in May. We have 14 sessions planned, with a diverse range of options that should fit any schedule.

Self-Paced Video Training

D2L has given us access to their Subscription Training which demonstrates how to use Brightspace’s features.

Still have Questions?

Send an email from your account to: