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UPDATED: Stay The Course

Get the information you need to keep teaching through the COVID-19 campus closure. Now with Exam, Quiz and Science Lab advice.

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I’m a new instructor who needs to set up a course for the first time.

We have plenty of resources for new instructors. Becoming familiar with Brightspace is a good starting point.

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I’m looking for ways to add technology to a course I already teach.

Check out our Toolkits to learn about ways you can enhance your courses and connect with students through technology.

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I’m designing a new blended or fully online course and need help.

You’ve come to the right place! Check out our Guides section for best practices in online course design.

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Not sure where to start?

You can find different types of information on course design and delivery throughout this site.


Dive into our course design guides to learn best practices and download resources that you can use to design a new course or adopt new teaching strategies.


Browse our toolkits to select the right applications for adding media-rich materials to your course, connecting with students online, or designing engaging assignments.


Discover teaching and learning tools that are available to faculty and students at USM, how-to guides for using them, and resources for ongoing support.


Stay up to date with current trends in teaching by reading showcase articles written collaboratively by CTEL learning designers and experienced faculty.


Review our frequently asked questions to review common queries we receive about technology, accompanied by clear answers and instructions.

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